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models Class Reference

Models definitions. More...

Inherits xml_event_parser_user.

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Public Methods

function get_models_list ()
 Return array with models names.

function get_location (name)
 Return model`s location.

function get_relations (name)
 Return model`s relations.

function get_info (name)
 Return model`s info.

function read_cache ()
 Read entire cache.

function has_expired (name)
 Check if record about model has expired.

function pre_cache (name)
 Cache model information.

function import (fname)
 Import data.

function err (what, func='', line=0, file='', terminate=1)
 Log error.

Public Attributes

var base_path = ''
 Path to models.

var xml_parser
 xml parser.

var iname = ''
 Name of imported file.

Detailed Description

Models definitions.

This class represents models database.

inherit cache behaviour from another class.

Definition at line 12 of file models.php.

Member Function Documentation

function get_location name   

Return model`s location.

name  - name of model to return location

Definition at line 35 of file models.php.

Referenced by pre_cache(), and enviroment::run().

function get_relations name   

Return model`s relations.

name  - name of model to return relations

Definition at line 42 of file models.php.

Referenced by enviroment::choose_model(), and get_relations().

function get_info name   

Return model`s info.

name  - name of model to return info

Definition at line 56 of file models.php.

Referenced by get_info().

function import fname    [inherited]

Import data.

string  fname - name of xml file to import

Definition at line 22 of file xml_event_parser_user.php.

Referenced by enviroment::choose_model(), and enviroment::run().

function err what   ,
func    = '',
line    = 0,
file    = '',
terminate    = 1

Log error.

what  - error reason
func  - function name in which an error had uccured
line  - source line
file  - name of source file
terminate  - 1 to terminate script processing

Definition at line 23 of file error_logger.php.

Referenced by user_auth::authentificate(), cache_container::clear(), model_querry::get(), cache_container::get(), get_info(), get_relations(), xml_event_parser_user::import(), model_explore::import(), enviroment::location(), xml_structure_builder::parse(), xml_event_parser::parse(), xml_structure_builder::parse_file(), xml_event_parser::parse_file(), pre_cache(), template_handler::process_file(), enviroment::process_locations(), model_explore::process_template(), enviroment::process_template(), and read_cache().

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