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model_explore Class Reference

Process explore request to learn course. More...

Inherits model_abstract.

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Public Methods

function import (fname)
 Import data.

function location (name)
 Return location.

function correct_locs (data)
 Correct locations in text.

function set_entities (entities)
 Register entities.

function process_template (filename, entities)
 Process template.

function get_theory_representation ()
 Return HTML representation of course theory.

function get_test_representation (data)
 Return HTML representation of course test.

function get_test_results (post_data)
 Return HTML representation of results of test.

function process_element (element, e_i=array())
 Return HTML representation of element according to its template.

function & produce (data)
 Fabric method.

function get (data)
 Querry function.

function do_it (data)
 Action method.

function err (what, func='', line=0, file='', terminate=1)
 Log error.

Public Attributes

var name = ''
 Name of model.

var info = ''
 Brief information about model.

var entities_handler = 0
 Entities handler.

var owner
 Owner of instance.

var iname = ''
 Name of imported file.

var xml_parser
 xml parser.

Detailed Description

Process explore request to learn course.

Definition at line 12 of file model_explore.php.

Member Function Documentation

function import fname   

Import data.

string  fname - name of xml file to import

Reimplemented from fa_xep_user.

Definition at line 30 of file model_explore.php.

function location name   

Return location.

string  name - name of location to return.
check for is_a

Definition at line 74 of file model_explore.php.

function correct_locs data   

Correct locations in text.

string  data - text to correct
all location will become relative to model`s dir
relative/absolute paths in templates: xxx://yyy links are coverted to <templates>/xxx://yyy
do something with paths, by now xxx://yyy links are coverted too

Definition at line 85 of file model_explore.php.

function set_entities entities   

Register entities.

array  entities - entities to register.

Definition at line 101 of file model_explore.php.

Referenced by process_template().

function process_template filename   ,

Process template.

Process HTML template converting entities.

string  filename - template file name
array  entities - entities to replace
string contains processed template
See also:
set_entities(), entities_handler

Definition at line 121 of file model_explore.php.

Referenced by get_test_results(), process_element(), and process_template().

function process_element element   ,
e_i    = array()

Return HTML representation of element according to its template.

array  element - element to process.

Definition at line 263 of file model_explore.php.

Referenced by get_test_representation(), and get_theory_representation().

function& produce data   

Fabric method.

Process data and return object of class according to data['action']

data  - data['action'] - type of service that class must provide

Reimplemented from model_abstract.

Definition at line 379 of file model_explore.php.

function get data    [inherited]

Querry function.

data  - subject of querry

Reimplemented in model_querry.

Definition at line 35 of file model_abstract.php.

function do_it data    [inherited]

Action method.

data  - any data needed to act.

Reimplemented in enviroment.

Definition at line 38 of file final_automat.php.

function err what   ,
func    = '',
line    = 0,
file    = '',
terminate    = 1

Log error.

what  - error reason
func  - function name in which an error had uccured
line  - source line
file  - name of source file
terminate  - 1 to terminate script processing

Definition at line 23 of file error_logger.php.

Referenced by user_auth::authentificate(), cache_container::clear(), model_querry::get(), cache_container::get(), models::get_info(), models::get_relations(), xml_event_parser_user::import(), import(), enviroment::location(), xml_structure_builder::parse(), xml_event_parser::parse(), xml_structure_builder::parse_file(), xml_event_parser::parse_file(), models::pre_cache(), template_handler::process_file(), enviroment::process_locations(), process_template(), enviroment::process_template(), and models::read_cache().

Member Data Documentation

var owner

Owner of instance.

Used for callback to enviroment class.

Definition at line 25 of file model_explore.php.

Referenced by location().

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