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fa_xep_user Class Reference

Uses xml_event_parser and final_automat. More...

Inherits final_automat.

Inherited by enviroment, and model_abstract.

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Public Methods

function import (fname)
 Import data.

function & produce (data)
 Produce state.

function do_it (data)
 Action method.

function err (what, func='', line=0, file='', terminate=1)
 Log error.

Public Attributes

var xml_parser
 xml parser.

var iname = ''
 Name of imported file.

Detailed Description

Uses xml_event_parser and final_automat.

This class is another variant of xml_parser_user but it derrivates from final_automat. This is attempt to avoid php restriction of mixes.

See also:
xml_event_parser, xml_event_parser_user, final_automat

Definition at line 14 of file fa_xep_user.php.

Member Function Documentation

function import fname   

Import data.

string  fname - name of xml file to import

Reimplemented in model_explore.

Definition at line 25 of file fa_xep_user.php.

function& produce data    [inherited]

Produce state.

Produce state according to data.

data  - any data identificating state
next step object according to requested state

Reimplemented in model_abstract, model_explore, and model_querry.

Definition at line 30 of file final_automat.php.

function do_it data    [inherited]

Action method.

data  - any data needed to act.

Reimplemented in enviroment.

Definition at line 38 of file final_automat.php.

function err what   ,
func    = '',
line    = 0,
file    = '',
terminate    = 1

Log error.

what  - error reason
func  - function name in which an error had uccured
line  - source line
file  - name of source file
terminate  - 1 to terminate script processing

Definition at line 23 of file error_logger.php.

Referenced by user_auth::authentificate(), cache_container::clear(), model_querry::get(), cache_container::get(), models::get_info(), models::get_relations(), xml_event_parser_user::import(), model_explore::import(), enviroment::location(), xml_structure_builder::parse(), xml_event_parser::parse(), xml_structure_builder::parse_file(), xml_event_parser::parse_file(), models::pre_cache(), template_handler::process_file(), enviroment::process_locations(), model_explore::process_template(), enviroment::process_template(), and models::read_cache().

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