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SES Compound List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
cache_containerAbstract cache container
entities_handlerProvides methods to handle entities
enviromentRepresents enviroment
error_loggerLogs errors
fa_xep_userUses xml_event_parser and final_automat
final_automatFinal automat
groupsUsers groups
model_abstractAbstract structural cell of the system
model_exploreProcess explore request to learn course
model_querryProvides querry requests for basic information about model
modelsModels definitions
ranksUsers ranks
template_handlerProvides methods to handle templates
user_authUser authentification
usersUsers definitions
xml_event_parserEvent-based parsing of xml data
xml_event_parser_userUses xml parser
xml_structure_builderBuilds tree-like structure from xml

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